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Who is?

Consumer Segmentation


Where is?

Location Based Analytics



Forecasting Trends Analysis


What if?

Scenario Planning


How much?

Inbuilt Industry Calculators

SidM Health

Coplug’s first product vertical designed to support healthcare infrastructure planning and population health management.

“Unlock location powered insights to make targeted decisions for healthcare planning”


Area Profiles

KEY FUNCTIONS Provides service and boundary based area profiles bringing together over 100 datasets across multiple parameters.

Estates Planning

Provides mapping, advanced spatial analytical tools and gravity models to support healthcare services and workforce planning.


Demand & Cost Estimation

Provides tools and in-built calculators using industry tested forecasting algorithms to quantify impact of demand and growth on healthcare infrastructure.


What else we do

Smart City consultancy

We provide smart city consultancy and spatial analytics services related to urban planning. We have experience of working with large consortia on international DFID and FCO funded projects. We also work with small development firms to identify sites and investment opportunities for services.

Global initiatives

Coplug led DesTech Challenge is a well established international design and tech competition with an outreach of over 200 universities and colleges in South Asia run in collaboration with the National Association of Students of Architecture.

DesTech Challenge 2020 has set an ambitious task of crowd sourcing spatial data of open spaces from 35 cities while focusing on capacity building for the next generation of designers and planners.

News and updates

Innovate UK Digital Health Catalyst Round 4

Coplug has been awarded Innovate UK funding
and is leading a consortium of 3 NHS organisations to expand SidM Health

Podcast: What now for the future of planning?

How do we plan the places of tomorrow? Where is the digitisation of the planning system taking us? What skills will the planner of the future need?

Techinvest, backing the capitals innovators

London’s top 10 GovTech startups hold great promise to transform public services

London Demo Day

Capital’s most exciting university startups pitch at inaugural London Demo Day from UCL, Imperial College and Kings College London

Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange

Driving growth for scale-ups, Coplug at Capgemini as part of the first meet the corporate Corporate’ in collaboration with London & Partners

Plan Tech Week

Showcasing the winners of the Future of Planning open call by Future Cities Catapult



2 Innovate UK grants
​Digital health technology catalyst

SidM Systems:
UK’s top 8 PlanTech product ideas awarded by Future Cities Catapult

Top 10 GovTech start-up recognised 10 by the Mayor of London, UKBAA Tech Invest

Who we’ve worked with

What they think

“City and Hackney CCG has worked with Coplug on SidM Health since 2018 and Darshana and her multi-disciplinary team of experts have transformed our ability to understand, model scenarios and plan the healthcare infrastructure needs of our community. Coplug and their ethos of collaboration, co-design and developing a solution that directly answer real questions that health care estates planners require answers to, have provided immeasurable value to our processes.”

Amaka Nnadi
Integrated Commissioning Finance Manager,
​City & Hackney CCG

“SidM-Health is innovative, game-changing with the potential to transform commissioning, planning and allocation of resources in primary care in the UK”

Innovate UK

““I have no doubt that SidM Health will be a major breakthrough in bringing all socio-economic determinants of health together.””

Dr. Mala Rao
OBE, Former Head of Public Health
​Workforce for England